Reviews & Testimonials

We talk a lot about the quality of our pans.  But don't take our word for it.  We get messages like this every day.    We love every time we get an email, phone call, social media message, or even good ole post mail.  Read below what our customers have to say about Swiss Diamond cookware, and our expert team of customer service!  Feel free to drop us a line, and you too could be featured on this page.


"Just wanted to share how much I am amazed at the quality and ease of use your skillets are....well one at least, which is all I have for NOW! I use mine at least 2-3 times a day. My husband is on a special diet that requires a lot of cooking. I find myself washing the skillet so I can use it again in some form of meal preparation. Thank you for creating a product the consumer can have confidence in! How VERY refreshing."
-Claudia, Oregon

"Your service exceeds every company I have ever dealt with, you truly care about your customers. On top of that, the pans I ordered are of superb quality - and I have European expectations, so double points here. Thank you for finally a great product on the market!"
- Annie T.

"Your customer service is about the best that I have experienced. Thanks."
- Colin, Richmond, VA

"You have no idea how much your reply and ability to send the pan means to me. After a long day of working basically 2 jobs, this was a nice finish. Your service has as much integrity as the products. You are a blessing to me. Keep up the good work."
- Lydia, Madison, WI

"I bought the 11.5" pan this weekend and will buy the 10 piece set later in the month. I uses the pan with potatoes this weekend. I've never used such an amazing pan!"
- Nancy, Chico, CA

"First off I'd like to say I am continually amazed at the quality of my Swiss Diamond cookware. The ease of cooking and cleaning far surpasses any other pan I have ever used. My favorite pan is my 8" Frying Pan."
- Josh, El Paso, TX

"We are new to Swiss Diamond but have LOVED the performance of this brand so far. - no complaints!"
- Michele, Peoria, AZ

"WE LOVE our new fry pan and use it every day. Thanks and we love our pan!!!"
- Laurie, Chichester, NH

"I recently received a 6-piece cookware set as a gift and absolutely love it! Its an outstanding product and I will gladly recommend to any family member or friend!"
- Jared, Springfield, OH

"Thank you for your timely response. Not only is your company's products exceptional, but apparently customer service is as well."
- Ronald, Marlborough, MA

"Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I want to let you know that we are very happy with your products and service.Have a good day!"
- Maury, Basalt, CO

"Thank you so much ! What wonderful service ! The way the world seems to be today, I really never expected this nice response. I decide togive it a try and write to you, feeling I would probably end up checking my email every day and not really get anywhere. Now I feel very confident in buying more pieces because I will have the back-up of a terrific company that stands behind their product, and very promptly!"
- Leslie, Fairfield, CT

"I have 4 swiss diamond products and absolutely love them. One I've had for at least 4 years and use almost everyday and is still in perfect condition. Your products are so durable!"
- Matt, Los Angeles, CA

"We have been very satisfied with our entire collection of Swiss Diamond cooking pans."
- Jim, Omaha, NE

"I absolutely love Swiss Diamond fry pans!! As a "Merry Christmas to Me", I recently purchased the large fry pan, the 8" fry pan and lids for both. I have had a 10" (so I thought) fry pan for at least 5 years. It was a gift, and quickly became my favorite piece of cookware! These are the best pans I have ever used in 50 years of marriage!!"
- Patricia, Landing, NJ

"All of her cookware is Swiss Diamond and she uses this pan very often. Great products, great service; how can one ask for anything more."
- Don, Spring, TX

"I will be a life long customer as my wife and I absolutely love the cookware and can see additional pots and pans that will enhance our culinary abilities. As an aside, both my wife and I are professionally trained in food services so we know good equipment when we see it and use it."
- Peter, Palm Harbor, FL

"Thank you warranty team!!! I received my handle yesterday, and put the pan back to use last night for dinner. I wasn't sure what to do when it broke, since I didn't have any record of purchase, but you made the process painless and fast, my next pan or pot will definitely be a swiss diamond!!"
- Heather, Stockton, CA

"You are a great company. Thank you!"
- Toni, Fort Collins, CO

"Thank you very much. We got our first Swiss Diamond piece a few weeks ago and love it - which led to getting the second piece (which we are now putting to good use). And I am extremely impressed by your service."
- Collin, Richmond, VA

"Thanks very much !!
In addition to excellent cookware, also appreciate the excellent customer service: I will continue to shop at your website."
- Kelly, Oroville, WA

"Wow. Already arrived. Thanks for the excellent service."
- Doug, Cincinnati, OH

"Oh wow! This was excellent! Thank you so much for that. It is just what I am looking for, no question. Excellent customer service. Many thanks again!"
- Carole

"Amazing and unbelievable? I got the diamond pots in less than a week. Your efficiency is phenomenal. I will definitely recommend this one to others. I'm frying eggs without cooking oil"
- Tina, Internet Customer

"We are looking forward to using the new cookware. If the performance of the cookware is anywhere near the level of performance we've experience while dealing with Swiss Gourmet, then I think we're going to be extremely pleased! Thank you so much for your professionalism, the prompt and courteous reply and your outstanding customer service!"
- Lynn, Decatur, AL

"This induction ready Swiss Diamond fry pan is beyond amazing!!"
- Monique

"I have received my replacement pan, and I thank you very much for your prompt service. It's an all-to-rare pleasure to deal with a company that stands behind its product. You are to be commended."
- Linda, Bainbrigde Island, WA

"Thank you so much! LOVE your cookware! Married 50 years and tried many, but nothing, absolutely nothing, compares! I guess I just don't know what an 'induction' cooking surface is!!"
- Patricia

"I am in the Army and own the Ultimate Kitchen Kit. I purchased the kit based on its great reviews and the Swiss Diamond reputation. I have moved three times since purchasing my set, they handled it wonderfully. I have been nothing but satisfied w/ my entire set!"
- Lance, Commerce City, CO

"As a Swiss living in NY I changed pretty much all my pans to Swiss Diamond. They are absolutely great!"
- Roland, Glen Head, NY

"Thank you so much for honoring your warranty and for your excellent customer service... you can count on my loyalty for future purposes and feel confident that I will certainly let others know about both your excellent cookware and your support!!!"
- Karen, Hillsboro, OH