Swiss Diamond Nonstick Clad

Prestige Clad - Swiss Diamond's Nonstick Stainless Line

Swiss Diamond® Nonstick Clad

The Perfect blend of form and function.

Nonstick Clad - Nonstick Stainless Cookware combines the beauty of stainless steel with the Swiss Diamond premium XD nonstick coating.  Beautifully crafted with 18/10 stainless steel, Premium Clad is perfect for any cooktop.   Designed with the home chef in mind, we use welded on stay cool handles for added comfort and stability, and the 5 layer stainless body provides excellent heat distribution.  

Prestige Clad - Nonstick Stainless

Nonstick Clad Cookware

The Nonstick Clad Nonstick line has a solid foundation built from FIVE LAYERS comprised of an 18/0 magnetic stainless steel base layer, pure and alloy aluminum, finished with an 18/10 stainless steel layer with our Swiss Diamond XD Non-stick Diamond coating, making this the most prestigious line in stainless steel cookware.

The Nonstick Clad Nonstick FIVE LAYER cookware line has been developed after many years of research and development. The Nonstick technology that is incorporated results in brilliant cooking performance and our patented Swiss Diamond nonstick coating results in the perfect food release every time.

The bonded layers allow the heat to be evenly distributed around the pan, removing the possibility of hot spots. These high quality
products will reduce the amount of energy needed to produce your meals.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for all cooktops
  • Ideal for healthy cooking: no oil needed
  • Safe, eco-friendly production: no PFOA
  • Oven-safe: 500˚F (260˚C)
  • Tempered glass lids with vent
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Lid Features:

  • Nonstick Clad lids are Heat tempered glass oven safe
  • They feature a Stainless Steel cast “arch “ style handle for ease of lifting on and off the cooking vessel.
  • They feature a single steam release valve to ensure that the lids will not bounce and rattle during cooking.





Prestige Clad -  9.5Prestige Clad - 11Prestige Clad - Stock Pot w/Lid 7.9Qt (9.5

Designed To Thrill

Looking for the next thing to thrill you in your kitchen? Swiss Diamond’s all new Nonstick Clad line
sets new standards with an ultra-sleek stainless design that will floor you.  Its elegant 5 ply stainless
body and new Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating deliver a cooking experience from start to finish
that will leave you breathless...or at least wanting to make tomorrow’s dinner tonight.

Ready to Outperform

The Nonstick Clad line is designed to outpreform all other nonstick stainless cookware.  Designed with the home chef in mind, we use welded  stay cool handles for added comfort and stability, and the 5 layer stainless body provides excellent heat distribution.  The Swiss Diamond XD coating will not let anything stick, making cleanup effortless.

Suited for all

Not all kitchens are created the same. Swiss Diamond understands that, and Nonstick Clad is made for your kitchen.  Induction gas, ceramic, it doesn’t matter – this cookware is ready to help you serve your favorite meals over and over again.